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We source our Bananas daily from some of the United Kingdoms' biggest Importers, bringing you quality, flavour and shelf life.

Palm Fresh Bananas 

Banana King fresh produce suppliers only supply top quality Bananas sourced from the biggest importers in the United Kingdom. Bananas are great slow release energy food and full of flavour. Ready packaged in a smart yellow jacket bananas contain vitamins and minerals and are great for anyone from babies the grandparents. The power boost from the potassium in bananas makes them a favourite with sports men and women around the world. This same potassium is also essential in maintaining normal blood pressure. Peeled and eaten on their own, added to cakes or mashed on toast bananas are loved by families everywhere. Get your order in now and we will deliver it direct to you.

Bananas Delivered Daily

Fresh produce suppliers Banana King, not only supply a great range of fresh Bananas but also have a  fresh seasonal range of vegetables as well as our luxury fruit baskets which are a nice alternative present for any occasion. Order online today and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables conveniently delivered to your front door from Banana King Fresh Produce Suppliers.