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Eggs from Banana King, your local fresh produce suppliers, are an excellent source of protein, but it is always important to store, handle and prepare eggs properly.

Eggs are a smashing choice as an essential part of a balanced healthy diet. As well as being an excellent source of protein, they also contain many vitamins and essential minerals. Eggs from Banana King can be part of a simple, healthy meal that is  so quick and easy to make such as a poached egg on toast or even a cheese omelette.

However, to avoid any potential risk of food poisoning, eggs should always be stored, handled and cooked properly. This advice from Banana King mainly applies to people in vulnerable medical groups, including the very young including babies, the unwell, pregnant women and also elderly people. There is no daily recommended limit on how many eggs people should consume. But to get the essential nutrients and vitamins you need, make sure you eat as varied a diet as possible which can, of course, include eggs.

UK Mainland Fresh Produce Deliveries

Local fresh produce suppliers Banana King, not only supply an enormous range of eggs including free range eggs but also have a seasonal range of fresh vegetables as well as our fruit baskets which are always a pleasant alternative present for any occasion. Order eggs online today and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables conveniently delivered to your door from Banana King Fresh Produce Suppliers.