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Nuts & Dried Fruits

Nuts & Dried Fruits From Banana King

Banana King local fresh produce suppliers also offer a range of dried fruits and nuts from all around the world that make a delicious alternative, healthy snack full of concentrated vitamins, minerals & nutrients that your body needs. They also contain more fibre compared to some of their fresh versions which you may find in one of our excellent value fruit baskets. This is a welcome change for the digestive system.

Nuts & Dried Fruits - The Healthier Choice

There have been many studies over the years that have all come up with the same basic answers, and that is that dried fruits and nuts offer a great many benefits for people that eat between 150g and 300g of dried fruits and nuts per week. However these should be consumed as snacks or incorporated into salads and other meals (breakfast cereals) and spread across the week.

Heart disease risks may be lowered along with cholesterol so don’t wait for something like diabetes to happen to you, start eating more dried fruits and nuts today!