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Home Delivery Fresh Fruit Baskets

Posted on 27th Apr 2015 @ 6:21 AM

Most of us find it quite tricky to eat the recommended five fruits and veg every day. This is partly because we’re not used to incorporate them into our daily diet. We think about eating fruit and vegetables like a chore that need to be done.

It really needn’t be that way, Banana King fruit baskets specialists know that once you incorporate a little fruit and veg in your daily meals you’ll see how easy it is. Here are some tips to get it done:

Try our Home Delivery Fresh Fruit Baskets

Home Delivery Fresh Fruit BasketAs you start your day, no matter what you’re used to having, you can add something more. If you are used to having cereal or porridge you can add some berries, bananas or dried fruit. It’s easy and tasty. If on the other hand you like a hot meal like an omelette or beans, you can add some chopped peppers, mushrooms, onions or whatever vegetable you like. Always having a fruit basket ready at your kitchen table will help you making this into a healthy habit.

You can have your fruit and vegetable goodness blended into a fruit juice drink or even a smoothie. Although it would seem like a good idea to blend or make a juice of more than one fruit, keep in mind that experts say that it would only count as one.

Talk to your Banana King your local fresh produce supplier to find out which seasonal fruits and vegetables are available so you can have the freshest fruit and veg. Order an all occasions fruit basket regularly and try new things as the seasons change.

Change The Recipes You Already Know

Whatever soup, sauces, or other vegetables dishes you like to cook and eat, just add some more vegetables to the recipe. You can even double the amount in most cases.

You’ll most likely make the meal tastier. You can play with most recipes adding whatever vegetables you like best to increase your daily intake. The other great thing to remember about having a fresh fruit basket handy is that your children will not be able to help but start eating healthier snacks.