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Fresh Fruit Basket Delivery

Posted on 27th Apr 2015 @ 8:20 AM

Everybody wants their kids to be healthy but competing with the sugar packed snacks of today can be difficult. That being said, kids do like fruit. You just need to make it fun for them.

Fresh Fruit Basket Delivery for Your Kids

fruit-basket-2.jpgKids love anything sweet. Fruits are, especially fruit from fresh produce suppliers Banana King, quite sweet and tasty. You just need to make it a habit for your kids to eat them. You can try various ways like combining them with things they already ask for or trying to make a fun presentation when you offer fruit on their own. Fresh fruit kebabs look and taste great. Have the Banana King fresh fruit baskets delivered to your children.

Chances are, your kids will like smoothies. Smoothies are sweet and delicious when done right and are very easy to combine all the great fruit choices that are good for them. You can use yogurt, milk, fruit juice and even water to start and then add fruits that go well with that base.

Exciting Fun Combinations

There are loads of different recipes online with many fruit combinations. You can make a different one every day and find your child’s favourite. Banana King can help you by making it easier to always have some fresh fruit on the house by delivering an all occasions fruit hamper to your home every week. Then as the seasons change you will get new choices.

Another great way, especially if you like baking, is to try adding fruit to muffins, breads and any other baked good you like. Combining bread or muffins with banana, different berries or even carrots or pumpkin is easy and very tasty. You’ll find a lot of different recipes online to start experimenting with.

Repurpose your cookie cutters to make shapes with your fruits. You can make flowers, hearts, stars or whatever shape you have available and then combine them. Use your imagination to make them more fun, your kids will like the novelty of it. You can try little gardens of apple and watermelon flowers or maybe a zoo of different colour fruit animals.