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Fresh Fruit Hampers

Posted on 27th Apr 2015 @ 9:12 AM

Banana King, specialist fresh produces supplier brings you these great ideas to make fruits a new vital ingredient of all your meals. Use all the fruits on our fruit baskets in new exiting ways.

Great Ideas with Fresh Fruit Hampers

fresh-fruit-hamper.pngThe easiest way to start learning what combinations you like best is to add fruits to your salads. There are many salads that feature some fruit already, you can start with those and work your way to start creating your own. You can count that you’ll find some fruit to go with every salad you already like. Try searching the internet for some specific recipe ideas and soon you’ll find yourself adding fruit from your fresh fruit basket to every salad you eat.

The next step is to add fruit to your hot meals. You may think that this is not a good combination but you’d be wrong. Pork goes very well with apple and some other acidic fruits, for example. Try looking at some vegetarian dishes and you’ll find loads of hot meals that go really well with fresh fruit. There’s even very tasty sushi made with fruit; you may have already tried that but if you haven’t do it! You’ll start to see the potential of adding fruit to your hot meals, and its making your diet much more balanced.

Experiment With Fresh Fruit Recipes

The acidic taste of lemons and limes has been used for a long time in the preparation of sauces. Building from that you can try adding some fruits to your sauce and experiment with the new flavours. Oranges are known for how well they go with pork and duck; it’s not a stretch to think some other fruits will work as well.

May be it’s difficult to create recipes if you don’t have the imagination that some chefs do, but you can used their inspired recipes as a base. You don’t have to start from scratch with the amount of information and recipes available online.

Mixing cream or chocolate with almost any fruit is a very tasty experience. Mixing fruit with beaked goods is another winner. Fruits go exceptionally well with the dessert table. So go ahead and order a special occasion fruit basket and make all your meals extra special by adding fresh fruit.